In ‘Steal like an Artist”, Austin Kleon writes “Write the book you want to read”.

As a young’in trying to navigate between the two seemingly disconnected worlds of the creatives and the realists/strategists/academics, I hope this blog serves as a platform for inspiration for those who are also dappling in the not-so-obvious connecting points between these two spaces.

Art and design serve as my vehicles to ask the bigger questions in life: it’s not only about finding the necessary solutions for today’s biggest challenges, but designing those solutions to ensure dignity, increased connectedness and empowerment. This blog will have a heavy focus on human-centered design, service design, systems design, and the methodology of design-thinking.

design x social innovation.

This blog will define ‘social innovation‘ as simply to design products, services and systems to better serve people in a more holistic and empathetic way. This definition is grounded on the assumption that we can indeed design our world, and that we could role-play as architects to challenge ourselves to tackle challenges differently. Social innovation, in comparison to design, is more strategic and business-oriented, asking questions such as ‘is this solution sustainable?’ or  ‘is it scalable?’. However, as this blog with explore, we need a balance of both mindsets to curate truly inspirational and impactful experiences.

… And yes, this is the blog I have been waiting to read, so I thought I’d write it.

I hope you find tid bits of inspiration here and move on and make it completely your own.


About the author

I strive to collect experiences, and only material things that I am inspired by.

In all my 23 years, I have aimed to work in international development in the most conventional sense: either through non-profit organizations, addressing public policy, or through the United Nations. It was not until I took a few classes at the Emily Carr University of Art & Design in the fall of 2012 while finishing my Bachelor’s in Political Science at the University of British Columbia, that I started to uncover a deep interest in connecting the two disciplines together.

I strongly believe that real impact goes beyond just saving lives; real impact delves in a magical space of uplifting individuals to empowerment and self-confidence.

…and I get called a hippy quite often. I take it as a compliment.

– Terrie Chan

(Based in Toronto, Canada. Always open for a cup of coffee and good conversations, leave me a comment :))


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Terrie! It’s Francine- we met in a summer camp at ocean park in hk all those years ago. If you don’t remember its ok as well :D Just today I saw the link to your blog from Facebook, and just would like to say I’m amazed and inspired! Especially by your definition of what real impact is… : ) I just thought of wanting to share two initiatives that I’ve come across, which may share those inspirations and motivations- http://www.thenakedvoice.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/The-Singing-Field-Project.pdf and http://www.schoolofstorytelling.com/user_downloads/healing_words.pdf . At the moment, I am studying osteopathy, and I hope to one day integrate the creative arts with this work of facilitating a person’s full expression of health… Not sure how, yet : )

    Looking forward to seeing your developments on your blog and
    Bon courage!

    • Francine, of course I remember you! Thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot. And thank you for sharing those sites, I have never heard of them before and they def sound very interesting (storytelling is an art I’m trying to learn as well).
      Much respect with you exploring health with a different lens, would very much like to know what your updates on that process is like!

      All the very best, keep in touch!

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